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Please don’t send me anything through the post unless you and I have specifically agreed to do so. I live some distance from the parcel collection, which in any case is a bit, um, Spanish …

I can work in English only

I am very rusty in old school French; am still learning Spanish. There is always Google translate, but if you don’t speak English at all and your manuscript is in any other language, I won’t be able to help with editing or proof reading, and as I don’t understand if there are errors, I can’t do l layout either.  I can however arrange for translations of your manuscript to English, or from English to another language.

Phone calls

If I am mentoring you, or doing a full on edit, we will probably have phone calls or Skype meetings. Initially though, for enquiries I prefer email as that way it’s all in writing and nobody can confuse what we’ve said.


Jo Holloway, ScriptCraft

Urbanitzación Tossal Gros, 91 La Font d'en Carròs Communidad Valenciana 46717 SPAIN email: scriptcraft.jo@gmail.com