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Please don’t send me anything through the post unless you and I have specifically agreed to do so. I prefer to work on digital files (hopefully Word or InDesign). Email is so much quicker and more efficient.

I can work in English only

I am very rusty in old school French; am still learning Spanish. There is always Google translate, but if you don’t speak English at all and your manuscript is in any other language, I won’t be able to help with editing or proof reading, and as I don’t understand if there are errors, I can’t do l layout either.  I can however arrange for translations of your manuscript to English, or from English to another language.

Phone calls

If I am mentoring you, or doing a full on edit, we will probably have phone calls or Skype meetings. Initially though, for enquiries I prefer email as that way it’s all in writing and nobody can confuse what we’ve said.


Jo Holloway, ScriptCraft

Lluis Vives 17 - 6B Oliva Valencia 46780 SPAIN email: scriptcraft.jo@gmail.com